Williams specializes in developing maintenance programs focused on safety while providing overall cost reductions with performance incentives. This is especially important for businesses looking for an edge in the heavy industrial market. Heavy industry refers to the production of large and heavy products, or large and heavy equipment and facilities. That can include large machine tools, huge buildings, or complex and numerous processes. Maintenance is a critical aspect of success within this industry and opportunities abound for those candidates looking to break into this market.  

Here are a few things you should know to get the attention of hiring managers in the heavy industrial market.  

Safety Is Priority Number One 

In the heavy industrial market, as well as all industrial settings, safety is the only way to work. Emphasizing a maintenance program that prioritizes and enables a safety culture is what industry leaders need from candidates. If team members are unaware of safety protocols or the possible repercussions that they might incur should safety policy be overlooked, that can cause big problems for those individuals, but also the business.  

Prioritizing training when needed and emphasizing the importance of safety awareness and procedures on a day-to-day basis makes a big difference in the heavy industrial setting. Show hiring managers that you understand the critical importance of safety on site and that you will lead through example and fostering a safety culture that enables everyone to do their best work.  

Experience Matters 

Getting the attention of hiring managers in the heavy industrial market takes not just book smarts but real-world experience as well. If you are looking to break into this job market, focus on transferable skills and experience that are relevant to the work. If you are a veteran of heavy machinery maintenance or industrial work, make that the cornerstone of your value proposition for employers. Hiring managers are looking for talent who they can trust to understand the nuances of the work, and who have proven their contributions and impact to employers in the past.  

Industrial Technology Will Continue to Evolve 

Stay current on the latest technology and trends in the heavy industry market to make sure that your positioning stays relevant to the latest needs and demands of the business. If you can’t speak to how evolving technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning are impacting the business, you may be overlooked for candidates who bring that sort of knowledge to the conversation.  

For more advice on how to build your career in this interesting and dynamic market, connect with the recruiting team at Williams Industrial today.  

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