Sometimes, it can be overwhelming at work. The need to stay busy and productive can be very stressful. If you feel like you haven’t been hitting your milestones over the past couple months, maybe you should take a minute to rethink what productivity means to you. This post will talk about how to address feelings of unproductiveness. You might be surprised what it takes to get re-focused in the workplace.  

Reevaluate your Priorities  

There’s a common phrase used within a business context that success is about working smarter not harder. Sometimes, that means you need to take a good hard look at your priorities. If you find yourself spending too much time on not important things, then inevitably you will feel less productive. But to make time for the things that should be a priority, you need to say no to the things that should not be a priority. To reinvigorate your productivity and change your mindset, first focus on what your priorities are.  

Get Organized 

How much of your time is lost to disorganization? Sometimes this is the key culprit to not feeling as productive as we want. To do lists and schedules are obvious tools to help you stay organized. Setting personal deadlines and sticking to them will also help you stay on top of things. Understanding what needs to get done, in what order, and then sticking to the process will help you move fast and get things done.  

Slow down to avoid mistakes 

Slowing down in your preparation will actually help you move fast in your execution. Doing things right the first time will save you so much time and heartache. Take a moment to think ahead and plan for any known distractions or obstacles. Avoiding costly mistakes will reduce the need to redo work and save time in the long run. 

Ask for help 

Delegate when you can. Whether at work or at home, no one works in a total vacuum. If you can delegate or ask for help on smaller tasks, you’ll not only reduce your workload, but you’ll build relationships and trust that will contribute to the success of the team. Being able to delegate will help you multiply your productivity beyond anything you would be capable of on your own.   

Avoid distractions 

Constantly checking email, answering phone calls and attending meetings may seem like urgent tasks, but often they are more of a distraction than they should be. Set some time aside for these necessary but not necessarily productive tasks. But also set aside time for focused work so that you can accomplish the “must does” of the day. 

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