Getting hired for a new job is exciting! Maybe you even moved to a new city to take the opportunity. Making new friends should be top of your list of things to look forward to! And just like the first day of school, the first day on the job can be a little intimidating. But don’t worry. We’ve got the best tips to help you make a great first impression and make some lasting new friendships while you’re at it. 

Be friendly

The number one way to make friends is to start off by simply being friendly with others. Strike up conversations with new people. Make good eye contact and practice confident and friendly body language. Ask if you can help someone with something. Ask about others’ experiences and seek to learn more from them. The topic doesn’t even really matter. If you are new to town, asking about their favorite restaurants can be a great icebreaker. People also love talking about themselves, so remember to ask lots of questions and listen with the intent to connect. You’ll be making friends before you know it. 

Expand your reach

When you move somewhere new or start a new job, it can feel like you’re starting from square one when it comes to your social life. The trick is to spread a wide net. Try joining community groups or online groups that share an interest with you. Volunteer and participate in those activities which you are passionate about. These common interests present the opportunity to bond and build connections with people who you wouldn’t otherwise meet. The trick is to say yes to trying new things more often. If you set goals to connect more with people, you can see the growth of your social network in ways that might surprise you.

Think about building your network

When it comes to making friends at a new job, it’s important to recognize how you can help others as much as how they can help you. Networking, both personal and professional, makes a big difference in creating the supportive infrastructure you most benefit from. So when you’re reaching out to build new friendships also consider that you have something to offer as well, and that’s helping expand the other person’s network as well.  

Remember quality over quantity

Since friendships are so good for your health, does that mean the more friends you have, the happier and healthier you’ll be? Not really. As you might suspect, the quality of those friends does matter more than the quantity. In fact, science has proven that our brains can only handle maintaining real, genuine friendships with a limited number of people. That means that even if you have hundreds of friends according to Facebook, you probably are only able to really keep in touch with about 150 of them in any meaningful capacity at any given time.  

So long as you have even just a few close friends who you can count on, you can experience the positive benefits of friendship in your life. These three to five that you consider your closest people make up your inner circle. These are the people who matter most when it comes to your sense of well-being.

Know the value of work friendships

While many people have friends outside of the workplace, whether, through interests or hobbies, work friends are a great thing to have as well. Some people especially find it much easier to make friends with coworkers, in part because they are around them throughout the day. For those who have difficulty just striking up a friendship with a random person, work friends are a great source of support and fun. Your work colleagues can feel like a network who really gets what you deal with on a daily basis because they are dealing with it too. For those who are too busy or who may be shy or struggle socially, work friends are a really great reason to come to work.

Put yourself out there

The first step to making new friends is the hardest one. That’s making yourself available for new friendships. That might mean feeling a little more vulnerable than you are used to. But when you open yourself up to new friendships, you need to have the confidence and a strong sense of self to fall back on in the meantime. Don’t worry, you’ll make friends soon enough. But until then, you have to be open to new people and new experiences.  

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