Full-time employment is what many contractors and candidates hope for. But the realities of a full-time job are that it can be a heavy investment of your time and attention. The idea of attaining or maintaining an effective work-life balance is one that quickly becomes a challenge for many full-time employees. And it’s not always easy to walk that line. But knowing when you need to focus on the work and when you need to take some time to focus on other things is what will serve you best in the long term. Here are several ideas you can try to help improve your work-life balance as a full-time employee. 

Understanding what Balance Means for You 

The fact of the matter is that only you have control of your time and focus. Managing burnout is no one’s responsibility but your own. Depending on what the right mix is for you, finding ways to compartmentalize your work life and your personal life can be helpful in making sure you’re not letting one take over the other. For different people, and arguably different generations, work, and life balance looks very different. Millennials are considered to take work-life balance more seriously in their measurements of happiness and success on the job. They have seen generations before struggle with preventing burnout and managing chronic stress, and its physical consequences, and are committed to not letting that happen to themselves as they navigate the professional landscape.  

Take Sick Days and Use Your Vacation Time 

Having allocated sick days and vacation time is often one of the best benefits of being a full-time employee. But it can seem like it’s harder to take them than to just power through. That’s a trick of the brain. Taking time off when you need to and making plans to take time off throughout the year, will help you reset your brain and come back refreshed and motivated to do your best work. 

Take Care Of Your Body and Mind 

Prioritizing your family and maintaining friendships outside of work is a great way to make sure you have accountability for a more balanced approach to work and life. Making sure that you are going to the doctor for regular checkups and getting the exercise your body needs to stay healthy is very important for your overall wellbeing. A balanced approach to work and life means taking care of your more important equipment, your body, and your mind. Make sure you fuel it with healthy foods and drink, as well as keep it well rested and hydrated to be as effective as possible when you are on the job.  

Find Help When and Where You Need It 

Recognizing when and where you need help can be the most important aspect of maintaining a balanced work and personal life. That might be help taking care of family members, or cleaning or maintaining your home. Or maybe it means getting counseling or getting help keeping your mental well-being in check. But a balanced approach to work and life means that you prioritize your personal well-being as well as your work. So, make sure you reach out when you can use a little support.  

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