Every year a new pool of recent college graduates hits the job market. That makes a great opportunity for you to invest in the future talent of the industry. Here are several tips to help you navigate successfully hiring recent graduates.  

Think of Them as Entry-Level Professionals with Serious Potential 

The opportunity to test new skills and take on real-world challenges is both exciting and inspiring for many entry-level professionals, especially recent graduates fresh out of college. They can bring exciting and invigorating energy to your team.  This energy has serious potential for companies looking to expand their reach. While they might not have the experience that mid or senior-level employees do, they also lack some of the bad habits or baggage that can accompany vetted employees.  

While many companies lean into hiring for experience, recent collect grads are eager to prove themselves and willing to start from the bottom and work their way up. Hiring graduates is a great opportunity to train and groom your hires for a long-term career with your company. If you are looking for top talent, sometimes someone with a fresh perspective and reduced hiring costs can be the best thing for your team.  

Focus on Engagement 

Employees today, particularly the younger generations, are interested in the type of work that keeps them engaged. To encourage this, hiring managers should think about what they have to offer recent grads besides just a job. Is the work fulfilling? Is it a good opportunity to build specific skills? Engagement is a great indicator of overall performance on the job. Someone who is invested in the work that they do day in and day out will be more likely to do the best work for their company.  

Understanding the interplay of skills and how team members provide value within the context of the projects they work on regularly is important. This provides the information you need as a manager to directly engage and maintain your new hires’ interests.  Offering the opportunity for regular one-on-one meetings or mentorship programs can help make new hires feel that business leadership is fully invested in their success and overall happiness.  

Create a Strong Work Culture 

In terms of overall worker happiness, the modern workforce is looking beyond basic benefits and compensation packages to feel taken care of. That said, there’s more to great company culture than a ping pong table in the break room. Consider what you can offer beyond the market norms that will make working for your company a unique experience. But make sure it’s meaningful to a new generation of workers who increasingly value work-life balance as well as a safe and modern workspace. Offering extra paid time off, sick leave, maternity, or paternity leave will help show recent grads that you value their happiness outside of the workplace as much as within. Consider offering paid gym membership or team leagues that help foster a strong culture of work-life balance and team building that supports wellbeing on and off the job.  

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