Congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to attract the attention of a hiring manager with a stellar resume and cover letter. Better yet, you’ve presented yourself well during the interview and feel that you made a good connection with your prospective future employer! Receiving a job offer by email or over the phone is really an exciting moment. But you’re not in the clear yet. How you respond next will set you up for success as you move forward through the offer. Here are the next steps you will want to take.

A Quick Thank You 

First of all, you’ll want to show your gratitude for the offer. Whether you accept or not will be determined later in the process. But at this point, when responding by email especially, you should express gratitude and eagerness to start the work that you have so far interviewed for. A simple thank-you note is appropriate at this stage. It is not an acceptance of the official offer, to be clear. But it is a response the company for trusting you with the opportunity.

Negotiate Your Compensation When Appropriate

Many companies will ask what your expected salary range is during the interview process. Making sure you know your value is as important to your career success as knowing how to write a resume. Providing the hiring manager with a range of what you would be comfortable accepting will help the next stage of your offer move forward with little unmet expectations. That way when you receive the official offer (in writing) you won’t need to delay the hiring process by re-negotiating things like your compensation.

Keep in Touch with Your Recruiter

If you are working through a job placement firm, you have a significant resource at your disposal in the follow up and offer process. After sending a simple thank you email, you should follow up directly with your recruiter to tell them how the interview went, get their feedback, and check in on progress. Think of your recruiter as your job counselor and your best advocate in the hiring process. If you would like any feedback on your performance on an interview, they are also a great resource. Recruiters can guide you through the process from interview to offer and beyond. So, make sure the understand where in the process you are and how they can help guide you through it all if needed.

Check In as Needed

It’s a good idea to work closely with your recruiter when checking in on progress of your offer. Sometimes, a job offer needs to go through many rounds of internal reviews to get to the hiring point. Be patient but don’t let things slow down to the point of getting ghosted.Your recruiter really is your best advocate in the hiring process. Simple check-ins at appropriate times (such as after the point when your interviewer said they would have made a decision by) can help show your retained interest in the position as well as your ability to follow up on projects.

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