Your employees are your most valuable resource. Recruiting and hiring is a necessary part of building a high functioning team, but retaining your top talent is also critical to maintaining a high functioning staff. An important way you can do that is through the deep work of employee-manager 1:1 meetings. But asking the right questions is key to keeping the conversation focused on what you are looking to achieve. Here are several tips to help make the most of your time with your employees.

Do they have the tools or information they need to do their job?

Especially with new hires, making sure you have set your team up for success is critical. While onboarding is an employee’s first experience of the day to day life, it’s important to have regular updates and check ins to make sure that as projects evolve and time goes by, they continue to be supported in your organization.

Is there something they need unblocked?

Sometimes there are blockers that inevitably arise in a project or workstream that only a manager can address. Make sure that you are aware of any needed escalations by providing the opportunity to flag anything early and often. This is an important opportunity to build rapport and trust with your team members. Where it is needed, make sure that you are there to step in and resolve issues. This builds loyalty and gives you the chance to step in before issues become too complicated for a simple resolution.

What do they want to work on?

Retention requires investing in your current workforce and making sure they are interested in their work, feel their efforts are valued, and have the resources they need to be successful on the job. Engagement leads to commitment and loyalty. Employees who are invested in their work and in the company they work for are more likely to perform better and stay with the company for extended periods of time. In order to keep your rock-star employees engaged, you should connect with them regularly about their work experience, their goals, and their engagement level.

How do they like to be recognized?

This might be an awkward question to ask outright, but it is an important one to consider when talking with your employees one to one. Managers should have their fingers on the pulse of their team members’ overall engagement as well as their performance. Creating an open conversation about goal setting and career development will bring the long-term interests of an employee into the forefront of the conversation. If they are starting to lose interest in one particular role, but you feel they would be of value elsewhere within the company, help them find a project or opportunity that really speaks to their interests and their skills.

Do they have referrals?

Building a strong talent pipeline is an important part of any company’s long-term success. Referrals are an excellent way to identify and hire reliable talent who will be better positioned for success. Asking whether they know or can recommend past colleagues who they trust and know to be effective in their jobs is a reliable way to build your team and stay competitive.

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