Podcasts have quickly become an excellent source of industry communication and leadership development. For those too busy to read or take a continued education course but who are keen to further their professional development, listening to podcasts on your commute while doing menial tasks, or even when you’re on vacation, can be a great way to continue your journey into leadership. The growth of podcasts has been so prevalent in recent years due to the convenience of the medium and in part due to the great content currently available. Podcasts are a fantastic source of information and inspiration that you can download and listen to whenever works for you. 

To catch up on the podcasting trend, here are 6 energy industry-relevant podcasts that are a must-listen for you (and your team). 

1. The Energy Gang 

This is considered the ultimate energy podcast. The Energy Gang, by GreenTech Media, is a weekly, 40-minute podcast that dives into the technological, political, and market forces driving energy and environmental issues. Hosted by futurist Jigar Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton, and Greentech Editor Stephen Lacey, these energy buffs discuss everything from cleantech, renewables, and utility news to climate change.

2. Direct Current

Tune in here for the U.S. Department of Energy’s very own podcast. While you might think governmental agencies wouldn’t have the creative chops for an engaging podcast, Direct Current gives listeners a well-produced and very thoughtful series. 

3. Platts Energy Spotlight

If you’re stuck for time, these short 5-10 minute podcasts will give you the latest energy market news from S&P Global Platts, an independent provider of information and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets.

4. Behind the Meter

This is the podcast brought to us by Energy Manager Today, which will be a familiar publication to many energy managers. The episodes feature interviews and conversations with commercial and industrial energy managers and energy industry experts.

5. The WIRED podcast

The people at do a weekly podcast on a whole host of tech topics to satisfy your nerdiest desires, such as solar planes and Pokémon Go. While this podcast is more technology-focused, being up to date on broader technology trends is always a must. 

6. Planet Money

Planet Money is a popular podcast about the economy. Just like WIRED above, this is the sort of information that is not specific to energy, but it matters to the industry. Planet Money covers topics like oil, fracking, and even Brexit.

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