The war for talent is something many employers struggle with day in and day out. Finding the right people to fill the talent gaps can grow in even the most competitive markets. But hiring and training new staff members takes time, money, industry knowledge, and foresight that can be difficult to come by. That’s one of the reasons why so many companies are turning to work with industry-specific recruiters. Here are several steps you can take to help your company beat the labor shortage.  

Know Where to Invest 

Working with a recruiter is an excellent investment, in your team and your business. Recruiters know both sides of the hiring story. They are familiar with the talent pool and the opportunities in the pipeline. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re unsure where to focus your hiring efforts, working with a recruiter is a wise choice. They know the job market intimately because it’s all that they do, find great candidates to help amazing employers get the job done. 

Addressing the Skills Gap 

There’s lots of talk about a skills gap and how companies are struggling to build their teams effectively because of it. While there is some truth to a growing demand for skilled workers that are not always readily available, in many cases, this is an issue of employers looking for talent in all the wrong places. Or in the wrong ways. By working with a recruiter, you have access to in-depth knowledge about what talent is available and at what cost. They regularly research average salaries and know what candidates will accept and what the market dictates. That can be a powerful bargaining chip in a hot job market. 

Don’t Let Hiring Slow You Down 

Identifying and reviewing candidates can take long enough, but an even bigger problem is the amount of time it can take to get qualified candidates to even apply. Recruiters have candidates waiting in the wings, because they’ve done their research. They actively pursue talent, even when that talent isn’t quite ready to make a change. It’s all about creating a robust talent pipeline for recruiters, whose livelihood depends on their ability to quickly identify and place the best of the best in a new job. 

Provide the Right Perks

Employers sometimes make the wrong move when it comes to perks. And that can damage their reputation as a company and as a culture. Recruiting firms know what it takes to bring on the best and brightest, from flexible work schedules, impressive social events, awards for achievements, and more. Staffing agencies work hard to make sure they can find the right people to work hard for you. And stay happy while they are doing so. 

Emphasize Soft Skills

Recruiters are good at interviewing candidates. They do it all the time. Ask yourself how often you had the opportunity to interview rock star job candidates. Are you confident you can weed out the rotten eggs? Many hiring managers will admit to having difficulty, at least sometimes. What questions are worth asking? What are the red flags of a bad hire? What soft skills are worth focusing on? Recruiters can identify and vet candidates early in the process to make the whole process more streamlined and engaging for everyone involved.

Find Qualified Candidates with Williams

If you are having trouble finding qualified candidates with the accounting experience that will add true professional value to your team, consider partnering with the Williams’ recruiting team today.

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