A new year brings all kinds of exciting opportunities for planning and setting new business goals. If one of your goals for 2022 is to hire great new talent, this blog is for you. While every business is looking for something different to make their teams complete, there are some essential skills that all great candidates do come to the table with. Here’s a look at some of the essential skills you should be seeking in your top candidates to drive business value.   

1. Leadership

Businesses live and die on the leadership skills of their employees. Not everyone is necessarily placed in a leadership position, but the leadership skills those individuals bring to their job can have a huge impact on the business and the work they support. Leadership opportunities come in many forms, so don’t overlook jobs that are not by definition supervisory in nature. There are many teaching or coaching opportunities in team environments. Ask your candidates how they see the job as being one with leadership potential. Showing them that you value those skills in your team will make a positive impression on candidates who are committed to their growth and career development.

2. A Love of Learning

Growth within a role is significant for all candidates to aim for. As an employer, you should look for applicants who have improved skills in past positions. The willingness to stretch outside of their comfort zone and try new things makes a huge difference. Candidates who are willing to take on increasing responsibility are a benchmark of which candidates hold long-term potential with your company. Additionally, there are plenty of reasons candidates themselves want growth opportunities in their work. Learning new skills helps maintain engagement and interest in a job for the long term. It’s really a win-win for both employer and employee.

3. Great Communication Skills

No matter what role you are hiring for, the best candidates have the soft skills needed to succeed in a team environment. These are skills like communication and teamwork. Being able to work well with others, solve problems in a way that helps the teamwork more effectively together that’s where the real magic of teamwork lies. Make sure you find the right person to make that magic happen with the team you’ve already worked hard to build.

Find the Right People with Williams

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