The rise of Gen Z has garnered a significant amount of attention in the news and popular culture. This new generation of young adults seems even more confusing and alienated from previous generations than millennials. But they are the future, and the power generation industry will quickly see how influential they will be to the job market. Here are a few ways you can actively attract more Gen Z employees in the coming year.

1. Decoding the New Normal

Generation Z is defined as the group of individuals born after the mid-90s, and they are the following expected generational wave to hit the workforce. Employers may have just started to understand the needs of the millennial workforce, and now the thought of needing to recruit an even newer group of workers can be a lot to wrap your head around. But Generation Z will be working for you before you know it.

As Generation Z’s attitude and lifestyle are influenced by the events and culture of their time, understanding this new workforce is an important goal for employers interested in staying current. If you thought the Millennials were a disruptive bunch, look out for these guys. Generation Z kids grew up surrounded by the latest technological trends and devices. They use their smartphones more than desktop computers, watch the least amount of TV per day of the past four generations, are hyper-aware of advertising, and often go out of their way to avoid it. They are drawn towards the latest gadgets and prefer cool products over cool experiences. They create the culture they thrive in, with an entrepreneurial spirit with the ways and means to have their voices heard.

2. Embrace the Values of Diversity

If it’s such a challenge, why go to the trouble of finding a more diverse workforce? Because it will make your company more relevant in the current market, and more successful in the long run. Businesses often suffer from the so-called “chimney effect,” where each business group sticks to their own and rarely do conversations or business strategies cross disciplines. This is trouble because it results in a lack of innovation and challenged processes or thinking. Growth comes from change, and staying current in the modern energy market means adapting to new ideas, new technologies, and new customer needs. A more diverse workforce will help you be better positioned and more receptive to new ideas and new processes.

3. Inclusive Leadership and Teams

Just as when different professionals engage with others in similar roles and responsibilities, there is a real opportunity to stimulate new thinking and greater possibilities by bringing together diverse teams. To support that, leadership needs to be inclusive and willing to experiment. Remember that inclusivity means opening the conversation to individuals of all generations as well as genders and cultures. Imagine the powerful conversations that can come from a team of Millennials and Boomers, Gen X and even Gen Z, if they are given a chance to learn together.

When opportunities are open to all within a corporate setting, the potential for team leaders and thought leaders expands in an exciting way. Just think about the people, the professionals, the potential leaders in the world who have stepped aside simply because they were not encouraged to step forward. Learning and development programs are an opportunity for companies to encourage the best and the brightest to lead the way. They can only support that movement through an inclusive program that allows differences in experience and background.

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