The end of the year can bring a loss of productivity, as motivation wanes and holidays approach. But the end of the year is just as critical a time to get work done as any other time. Here is how you can combat this seasonal slowdown for your employees and ensure your team is performing strong through to the new year.

1. Focus on Engagement

Modern workers are more likely to look for opportunities where they feel better engaged at work. Millennials as a workforce want to be interested in the work they do. Ignoring this need will result in surprising rates of turnover, or significant drops in productivity.  But companies can truly benefit from offering a more structured and personalized career path, where employees can weigh in on the types of projects they are most interested in, and provide feedback on their experience as an employee. When they feel like they are valued on an individual level, the modern workforce can be powerful and productive, even through the holiday season.

2. Consider Incentives

To re-motivate your workforce, perhaps it’s time to take a hard look at your workplace incentives (both financial and otherwise). More and more employees are saying that they appreciate non-financial rewards as much and sometimes more than a year-end bonus or raise in salary. Suppose you are unable to invest financially in your team. In that case, you should seriously consider what other options you have available to you, such as better benefits, more vacation time, morale events, small but personal gifts, or something else to show how much your company values your employees.

3. Look Back on Your Goals

A great way to remind your team of what they were hoping to achieve early on in the year is to look back at those goals you set in the early months of the year. Reprioritizing and reevaluating goals is a great way to get your team motivated again. If your original goals lack a step-by-step strategy to prepare and follow through on your commitment, now is the time to lay out the steps needed to achieve those goals by the end of the year. This is an essential tool to help hold yourself accountable throughout the year to see a measurable difference in your actions, and keep up the energy through the slower times of the year.

4. Reinforce the Importance of the Work

Sometimes, just reinforcing the value that your team brings to the business can make a world of difference to a team’s motivation. Reinforcing the importance of what your workers bring to the table, their impact on the business, and what they can offer in terms of their area of expertise will help employees understand how important they are to the business, not the business just another cog in the machine. Sometimes all it takes is a heart-to-heart from their manager or from leadership to inspire their sense of motivation.

Keep Your Team Going Strong This Season

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