Finding a job doesn’t have to be a waiting game. If you are looking to get back to work fast, make sure you position yourself for a quick hire. Here are five things you can do to get in the door faster.

1. Add Clarity to Your Resume

Given that employers receive many applications for most jobs, it makes sense that they pick the most qualified candidates to come in for an interview. You need to know what those hiring managers are looking for from a successful candidate and position yourself appropriately to impress those readers. Highlight your past successes. Showcase your results to give them an idea of what you could do for them if you were hired. Start sentences with action verbs, so your reader knows exactly what you are trying to get across. Growing a team is hard work. Make it easy on your hiring manager and show them why you are the most qualified applicant.

2. Work with a Staffing Partner

Working with a staffing agency provides several benefits beyond simply helping candidates find a job. They can provide employment benefits, such as healthcare, 401k plans, group insurance, and vacation or sick leave. But most importantly, they can help you build your career up to new heights.

Staffing firms constantly receive requests from companies who need help finding the right person for a new opportunity. It’s in their interest to find high-quality candidates to fill those roles quickly. This is true to the point that recruiters are actively looking for good workers within an industry even before the right opportunity comes along. The ability to match top industry talent with great job opportunities is what makes staffing firms able to meet the needs of their clients and their candidates so well. That gives you the chance to find your next role before it hits the job boards.

3. Build Your Network

A robust professional network is essential to quickly discovering and landing new jobs. If your network is lacking when you begin your job search, you’ll find yourself inevitably fighting an uphill battle. Recruiters are known for their excellent connections with hiring managers and employers who are looking for candidates. After years of working with a wide variety of employers, your recruiter knows who’s hiring, what they’re looking for, and what’s coming down the pipe. That network is a huge bonus when you start working with a recruiter because you know that you’ll be connected with the right companies at the right time. You should also be leaning on your personal network to help identify new and relevant opportunities. You never know where you’ll find your next job.   

4. Highlight Your Relevant Experience and Skills

One of the most important things managers are looking for is experience and expertise in their field. The less work they have to do to train you and educate you on how to be effective on the job, the more successful you will be. So make sure your resume is on point and relevant to their interests. That often means writing industry-specific resumes. The generic resume no longer works for most companies. Nowadays, field-specific or targeted resume types are both smarter and more critical. By highlighting the skills that match the job criteria, your resume can immediately show that you are qualified for the job. This can get you better chances of being called for an interview.

5. Don’t Get Frustrated!

One of the worst things you can do to slow down your job search is to get discouraged. You never know when your opportunity will come, so keep at it and be consistent in your outreach.

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