Everyone is on the lookout for the key to a successful job search. But some candidates might not be so keen to hear that the real trick is hard work. Tailoring your resume for the job you want takes time, research, knowledge, and a commitment to trying again until it works. But it is honestly one of the best things you can do to make sure you are successful in your job search. The bottom line when it comes to finding your next big opportunity is selling yourself to prospective employers.  

Not everyone is an expert at creating that sales pitch that opens doors to their dream job, but remember that your goal is to convince the hiring manager that you, and only you, are the best person for the job. It’s marketing, pure and simple. But if you fail to hit the right notes with your “customer,” you run the real risk that someone will do the job better.  

Here are three ways you can really tailor your resume while looking for your next job opportunity. 

1. Differentiate Yourself

You will always be one of many other job candidates when applying for a position. Digital applications heavily influence today’s job search, overwhelmed hiring managers, and unqualified candidates who submit their applications on the off chance that someone reads their resume. The key to succeeding when you are up against so much competition is to differentiate yourself. Make your resume stand out and catch the attention of the hiring manager. Consider submitting a color copy resume with a well-designed format to help yourself stand out from the crowd. Another good strategy is to look the hiring manager up on LinkedIn or introduce yourself in person if possible. Adding a real face to a nameless list of qualifications will give you a leg up every time. 

2. Know Your Customer

In the case of a job search, your customer is your prospective hiring manager and the company they work for. You need to know everything possible about the business, the job opening, and the work that gets done regularly to tailor your message to catch their interest. This means doing your research. Read the job description thoroughly. Research the company on the web and in the news. Reach out to professional contacts who can tell you more about the opportunity. Prepare yourself as much as possible for a conversation where you can say exactly what value you would bring to the company in question. 

3. Don’t Sell Yourself Short

This can be surprisingly hard to do, especially for quieter personalities. It can be tempting to let the resume and professional recommendations do all the talking, but a job search is not the time to be self-deprecating or overly humble. This company doesn’t know who you are or what you can do until you tell them flat out. Be honest and be aware of your skills and accomplishments and want to share with a new employer. 

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