The energy industry is changing, fast. The rise in demand for renewable energy (both politically and locally) has resulted in increased development, investment, and financial incentives for both. Despite a market glut in fossil fuels, wind and solar power seem to be hitting their stride. That means more jobs and better jobs in wind energy. 2021 is no different. Even the global pandemic couldn’t do much to slow down this essential industry. Here’s a look at the top wind energy jobs of 2021.  

Wind Turbine Technician 

Turbine technicians are tasked with ensuring the proper operation and maintenance of wind turbines and associated wind plant equipment. They need to read schematics to troubleshoot complicated mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic problems with variable pitch, speed control systems, and components. They also perform mechanical and electrical component repair and replacement of parts to correct malfunctions in accordance with all pertinent manufacturers’ requirements.  

Qualifications include past wind power experience, mechanical, electrical, and troubleshooting skills, and above all else, a strong work ethic and job site safety. Technicians can make between $40,000 and $100,000 depending on location and experience. So if this industry is of interest to you, this role is definitely worth considering.  

Site Manager 

Candidates in this role oversee the operations and maintenance activities for a wind energy project. Site managers are responsible for the overall safe and reliable operation of the wind sites. Duties include ensuring compliance to all Power Generation Division (PGD) operational model processes. Managers develop cost-effective operations and maintenance programs, interface with landowners, utilities, regulatory agencies, and local government and community representatives. They monitor and control plant budget while ensuring that contractual obligations are met.  

Qualifications for this role generally include high school graduation or GED, a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience. Generally, managers should have at least five years of experience with supervisor or management experience as well. Also needed is a valid (non-CDL) driver’s license. Qualified professionals in this role can expect to make between $85,000 and $115,000 annually.  

Field Specialist 

Travel Technicians and field specialists are responsible for the internal and external inspections and repair of active wind turbines, for example, a blade technician would be responsible for the inspection and repair of fiberglass and composite blades, spinners, and nacelles. This is a skilled position that specifically requires travel to and from the turbines themselves. Employees in this role perform maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of wind turbine mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems, understands schematics, and uses appropriate diagnostic tools. The successful candidate will interpret fault reports, maintain power generation reports, service logs in the computer database, and monitor turbine performance.  

Qualifications include a high school diploma or GED, Associates Degree or equivalent experience preferred, 4-8 years experience as a Wind Turbine Technician, a valid driving license (NON-CDL / CDL). Candidates must be able to climb and work from freestanding wind turbine towers that exceed 250 feet in height. Annual salaries for this role range between $30,000 and $95,000. 

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