When it comes to hiring really great talent, there’s no one-and-done formula. Even if you think that many of the jobs in your company are similar, hiring for the exact same skills and qualifications will give you a very one-dimensional team. Diversity of backgrounds and experiences, even former job titles, helps shape a more dynamic and effective team. This article will paint the picture of a different hiring strategy that will help you find talent that works better for your company. 

Look Beyond the Job Title 

To be honest, job titles are not at all a good reflection of a candidate’s previous effectiveness, but rather their ability to get a job. If you want to hire the best, pay attention to the results they have achieved for previous employers. Job titles can be misleading. They are inconsistent across industries and even can mean totally different things from company to company. But the impact someone has during their tenure with a previous employer is much more telling about what they can do for you.  

Imagine Where They’ll Be in 5 Years 

To really flesh out your all-start team, think hard about your requirements for the role. What will you need from this employee today? How is that different from your expectations for the future? Are your candidates capable of growing into a role? Will they have the soft skills and personality traits to set them up for success in the long term? Do you even know what that expectation will be at this point in your planning? It’s a tough decision when all other things seem equal, but long-term goals (both yours and theirs) can make a real difference in their success on the job. 

Hire for What Makes Them Unique 

Rather than stacking your benches with lookalikes, consider what candidates can bring to the table that makes them unique (from other candidates but also from other team members). Along that line of thinking, take a moment to explore what makes each of the candidates special. Do they provide different perspectives or any soft skills that can add a new depth to your team? When thinking through how new team members can benefit your company, think through not just the role but the individual who will be engaged within that role, the skills they bring, their personality, their background, and their insights that can work to round out your team and make you all more impactful in the long run. 

How Will They Fit in With the Team Skill Set? 

Team building is critical. As a hiring manager, you should know your team top to bottom. You need to know what skills complement their existing skillset, what gaps exist, and how new recruits can meet those needs. Ask what types of personalities would be a good fit for the team. Truly effective groups are able to balance multiple workloads and characters to create true synergy. Think about how you can hire for balance and energy. 

Work With The Experts 

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