Resumes are essential when finding top talent. They ideally provide a clear and concise overview of the skills and expertise of your candidate. But sometimes the concise nature of a resume can mask certain red flags that are better to know right away. Here are the top red flags to keep in mind when reviewing candidates for your next job opening.

Red Flag #1: Resume Inconsistencies

Inconsistent information about your candidate is not only confusing but should be a red flag for recruiters and hiring managers. Many candidates get caught padding their resumes in this way. If there are discrepancies between what the resume and the cover letter or the LinkedIn profile say, make a note of it. Even what your candidates say in an interview matters. Inconsistencies could mean that your candidate isn’t being honest in describing their experience or their skills so make sure that what you see on paper is validated in other places and ways.

Red Flag #2: A History of Short Term Employment

While a work history with many different employers doesn’t necessarily mean your candidate is a job hopper, it does warrant a question or two in the interview stage of a candidate’s application. If, for example, the candidate was working a number of temporary contracts in order to build experience, that’s a very legitimate reason and one that will probably prepare them better for working for you. If they come out and say that they left each job for more competitive pay or just didn’t like their coworkers or something similar, it’s worth thinking about how their departure might impact your overall team.

Red Flag #3: This Is Not Their Dream Job

When talking with a candidate during an interview, ask them what they are passionate about. What makes them get out of bed each day eager to take on new challenges and make a difference in the world? If it’s obviously not something related to the job they are applying for, chances are they might not be a long-term employee. Work is an intensive investment for everyone. If it sounds like they would be bored or distracted on the job, they likely won’t be a great fit for the long term.

Red Flag #4: A History of Contention At Work

If your candidate speaks poorly about former managers and coworkers that could be another red flag that they are a serial job hopper. Of course, everyone has other people they don’t get along with at work, but the reality of a team environment requires a little give and take in order to ensure collaboration and communication are flowing smoothly. If it’s clear they have a hard time getting along with others, that is certainly worth taking into consideration as you evaluate their application. If hired, they are highly likely to bring their personal issues along for the ride.

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