First time working with a recruiter? They are a powerful ally in moving your career forward. But they are best leveraged in certain ways. Here’s how they can benefit you and how you can work with them most effectively.  

Set Clear Goals 

If you only have enough money saved up to support a short period of unemployment, then one of your main goals should be to find a job before a specific date. Other goals can include finding a job in a specific industry or with a certain company. Perhaps you are looking for a new job with a great job title or a nice salary increase. Whatever your goals are, you need to be crystal clear with yourself and with your recruiter about those goals. There are several job search goals that you can set for yourself, but the key to success is to make sure your goals are specific and actionable. Share those goals with someone experienced in your industry, like a recruiter, to help hold yourself accountable to those goals and evaluate your progress so you can even adjust as you go along.  

Know Your Strengths  

Contract work is a great chance to do more of what you want. You can easily choose to specialize in your strength areas, find your passion, and even try out new skills. But for a recruiter to help you identify the roles that most leverage your strengths, you need to know what those strengths are and how they might best serve an employer. You can then work with a recruiter to position yourself best given those strengths. From there, a recruiter can help you find the roles that will further develop your skills, build your career, and make important connections that will be valuable later in your career. 

Work with a Recruiter to Target Your Dream Job 

An effective job search requires a targeted effort to ensure that you are spending your time in the right ways. Targeting your dream job involves job seekers first knowing what jobs they are looking for and doing the necessary research to figure out where and when those jobs will be available. This can mean speaking with professionals in the job that you want to have in a series of informational interviews. Asking questions like how they got to their position, what training or education they completed to qualify, and what advice they can provide are all beneficial.  

Consider a Recruiter to be a Career Counselor  

Recruiters are powerful allies in the job search process. Their industry knowledge and exceptional career development skills can help find and place you in a contract or even in a long-term position. Use a recruiter to find jobs consistently and reliably, and spend your time building the skills that will make you even more valuable to employers and businesses. Their perspective and interest are in finding the best jobs for you to be successful. What more can you ask for in an ally?  

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