Getting access to top applicants is not always easy. It takes strategy. It takes industry expertise. It takes passion and leadership. What it doesn’t take necessarily are deep pockets. Surprised? Here’s how you can position your business and your jobs to help attract those rock-star candidates and do it without breaking the bank. 

1. Rethink Recruiting 

Top talent, particularly millennials, are looking for work in some new and interesting places. Many younger candidates rely heavily on social media and the internet (including their mobile devices) to pinpoint the best job opportunities. If your tried and true job listings fail to bring in the sorts of talent you’re looking for, consider going mobile. Ensure your company is on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, and sites like or find your listings. While it’s essential to reach out to candidates in new ways, you should also remember how important it is to treat all applicants with the respect and professionalism they deserve, because a bad recruiting experience can really damage your company’s reputation. 

2. Leading With Your Mission and Values 

Top talent knows what companies they want to work for. They seek out employers with strong values and a mission that aligns with their interests. To truly create a positive work environment, managers and leadership must fully understand and embrace the corporate mission and values. These should be stated clearly in your business’ founding documents and outlined within the employee handbook. But most of all, employers need to be well versed in discussing the core mission and values of their company. It’s important not to show any hesitancy when asked about it. Hiring managers should confidently describe and talk on the subject of these founding principles when talking with prospective hires. Candidates want to know the company’s overall culture and whether it will be a good fit for their particular work style and goals. Being able to communicate a company’s mission helps applicants understand what kind of company they are interviewing with. 

3. Offer Flexible Schedules and More Open Communication 

The modern workforce seeks out the jobs they have where they know their work is valued. They seek out engaging and interesting jobs and companies and prefer to be included in decision-making processes. The best professionals expect to be openly communicated with rather than spoken to or managed. It all comes down to the level of trust your company puts in employees. Suppose your recruiters are willing to work with candidates around flexible schedules or remote work options. In that case, your company will earn a stronger reputation for positive work-life balance and employee trust. These simple adjustments might even bring some new energy into your older employees as well, as an engaging corporate culture is often able to benefit the team as a whole, not just the new blood.   

Find Top Talent with Williams Industrial 

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