Women working and thriving in the industrial sector are more common than ever. But that’s not to say there are not challenges to growing your career. Here’s a quick overview of how you can break into and succeed in this industry.

1. Make Use of the Moment

Diversity and inclusion are two terms that we hear more and more. This is a good thing because when it comes to adapting to a changing marketplace and rapidly advancing technology, more diverse thinking and creative communication can make all the difference in a team. While some companies still struggle with this concept, more are making a greater effort to find and hire more diverse teams. The latest research out of Harvard shows that hiring more women on your team can lead to more collective intelligence. With that in mind, now is the perfect moment for a woman to grow your career or break out into a historically male-dominated field.

2. Focus on Social and Collective Intelligence

There are many different kinds of intelligence as we understand it. There is technical intelligence, there is social intelligence, there is even spatial intelligence that may greatly impact how your team performs. Collective intelligence is directly related to the performance of a team. According to this Harvard University study, it’s been shown that while individual IQs do not directly impact the success of a team, the inclusion of more women has shown to increase the collective intelligence of a group. They perform better when working together. In many cases, they may perform better than groups of just men.

A fair portion of the findings around these studies speaks to the importance of social sensitivity in team performance. Women are generally better skilled at working together, listening to each other, and providing constructive feedback. The smartest team is not necessarily one full of the smartest people, but it depends on how they work together and how they respond to customer cues. These kinds of intelligence create stronger products and services and, in turn, generate stronger financial returns. Emotional intelligence is another critical element to a team’s collective intelligence, because a happy team works together better and is motivated to work well together for the long term.

In the industrial sector, a traditionally male-dominated workforce, having more women on the team may just give a business the edge over the competition. So, lean into the differences in communication style or areas of expertise you bring to a team. They may just be your superpower.

3. Women in Industry

Whoever said that women are not welcome in manufacturing jobs was well behind the times. Women have, in fact, had a long and historical impact on the manufacturing industry, dating all the way back to the second World War. While most workers in manufacturing are likely to be men, the development of advanced technology and innovative manufacturing processes, women are more than welcome in the industry, and employers are actively hiring women for a wide variety of roles and positions.

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