Working with a staffing partner might seem like a big shift in how you as an employer do business. But working with the experts is a clear win to help you get the talent you need in place when you need it.


Here are 5 reasons you should partner with us to achieve your business goals this year.


1. Mitigate the cost of a bad hire

The hiring process can be full of challenges. Recruitment and hiring are expensive line items, to be sure. The cost of a bad hire (or several) is even more of a hit to your bottom line. It might not seem like such a costly mistake at first, but truly, reducing turnover and retaining talent is one of the most profitable actions a company can take. Even the most experienced hiring managers can sometimes onboard someone who they regret hiring. But when you work through a staffing partner experienced in the industry and knows your business, you reduce the chances of a bad hire and mitigate the cost of one if they do sneak past our collective defenses.


2. Ask the right questions

Are you rushing because the project needs are so great? Is there an opportunity to broaden your reach or expand your talent pipeline? Questions like these are always top of mind. Strategy is the keyword here. You need to think through the hiring process from the perspective of reducing risk and seizing opportunities. We know hiring better than anything else because that’s what we do first and foremost. When we partner with you, you can trust us to ask the hard questions to get you the answers (and the talent) you need.


3. Modernize your hiring strategy

Hiring has changed dramatically in recent years. Is your hiring process aligned to the latest industry trends and opportunities? It’s become clear how important it is to evaluate your recruitment and onboarding strategy regularly to keep up with the competition. It’s not enough to approach hiring haphazardly. Organizations can take steps to avoid hiring problems in the interview stage by having a consistent interview strategy, following a set list of questions, and really getting to know a candidate through several layers of interviewers (such as a call with a recruiter, in-person meetings with a supervisor, a quick chat with the director, and so on). Having multiple people evaluate the fit and qualifications will help to weed out the bad seeds before they become problematic. Get strategic in your hiring process by working with a staffing partner like us.


4. Hire more proactively

Another source of staffing woes is making decisions under pressure, such as project timelines or increased workload. Hiring from a strategic, long-term mindset can help your company avoid costly errors in staffing choices.  Thinking strategically to evaluate your current and future hiring needs will help you to avoid reactive recruiting. Think about hiring in terms of your long-term needs. Working with a staffing partner is what can help you get ahead of the work.


5. Offload Your Risk

Possibly the best thing you can do to remove luck from the hiring equation is partnering with a hiring expert who knows what to look for in a candidate, how to bring them best onboard and provide them with the support and information a new hire needs to get up to speed quickly. That investment costs companies in a big way, but by bringing in someone who has the expertise to find and recruit the right people for the job, you’re on your way to more successful hires and more peace of mind.


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