Many people are eager to talk about the economy, and the job market will look like post-pandemic. The fact is, though, that many things won’t go back to what looks like normal. For example, remote work will likely be more available or more recognized as a legitimate work environment. The things that are changing now are likely to be changed in many ways post-pandemic as well. But there are several consistencies about a job search, whether it takes place during or after a pandemic.

Employers are looking for employees who can help them solve problems. They are looking for leaders who can deliver results and motivate others to do the same. Here are several things you can do to show your value to companies in a post-COVID world.

Focus on the Company

Your preparation should obviously focus on learning as much as possible about the company you are applying to work for. Do your research. Talk to industry professionals. Reach their blog. Follow the company and any corporate thought leaders on social media. Call to talk to a real person about the job if you can. Ask what it’s really like to work there. What’s the culture like? How is the company growing? Ensure that your preparation includes actual background information about the people and the projects you will likely be working with. Even for contract jobs, this level of preparation is what companies really look for in their ideal candidates.

Highlight Your Results

Great preparation is also about doing your homework on yourself. Take the time to prepare to speak well about yourself, and more specifically, your results. Think about the most relevant projects you’ve worked on that exemplify your impact on companies like the one you are applying to contract with. How have you made life easier for former clients? How have you delivered measurable results? How does that experience translate into greater successes in your future work? Plan out how you will talk about these topics to showcase your background and your achievements to future employers.

Provide Real Solutions

Hiring managers are constantly evaluated on finding the people who can make a difference quickly and efficiently. Employers turn to new hires and contractors because they need real solutions to problems they are suffering from right now. That urgency and need are what drives their hiring decisions, so make sure you are ready with some suggestions, and excellent problem-solving skills, even as early as the interview. It will show you mean business and can make a real difference for the business. Do your homework to find out what problems they are looking to solve by hiring, then position yourself well to support those needs beyond any contract length.

Think Outside the Job Description

You can be sure that your employer is thinking about overall staffing issues, whether or not they are clearly listed out in a job description. Do your research on a company before interviewing. Are they looking to grow fast? Do they need people managers as well as project managers, to really grow sustainably? The fact is that companies need to be strategic in who they do and don’t take the time and effort to onboard. To make sure you show how invested you are in the company, don’t think you are only hired to help with a specific project. Think long term. How would you like to help the company beyond the terms of your original contract? Do you see other areas where you can help the business grow? While likely worth focusing on after you land the job you applied for, these questions will help put you in the right mindset during the interview to show your commitment for both the near and the long term.

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