Recruiting trends are always changing, and 2020 is a different time. More employees are remote or being interviewed through video or telephone calls. Employers are needing to rely more heavily on digital recruiting processes to help them find their next hires. Here’s what you should know about how to find either your next job or your next candidate in the modern job market.

Resume Optimization

Technology advances across industry lines heavily influence today’s job search process. These advances have made recruiting and hiring a much more digital process. As such, job applicants must optimize their resumes for online consumption and searchability within a database. Keywords need to be carefully considered and incorporated into resumes, cover letters, and other job search materials so that the documents are searchable and identifiable online. Formats should be clean, simple, and translate easily across multiple programs. Look to the job description to provide the keywords that employers are most interested in seeing in your resume.

Many employers also have programs that scan applicants’ resumes for the right words and key phrases that will help them identify candidates who are qualified for the job. Not optimizing your resume for the digital age can result in a longer job hunt because employers may not even get the chance to see your resume if it doesn’t focus on the right wording or phrases that hiring managers are most interested in seeing.

A More Professional Social Network

Your LinkedIn profile is one of your most powerful job search tools. Keeping your social network profiles up to date and relevant to your career is very important. Consider your LinkedIn profile to be an extension of your resume, or your website, and make sure that your material is current and using keywords that will help attract the right readers like employers who are looking for professionals with your unique skill set. For a quick turnaround when you are looking for a job, do what you can to continuously update and maintain an accurate digital presence so that your profile is working for you even when you are not actively looking for a job.

Partner with a Recruiter

Recruiters are a job hunter’s best friend. They are your top resource for finding a job quickly and efficiently as they have industry connections with employers and companies who are looking to hire talented professionals today. They have a complete understanding of the industry and how your unique qualifications translate to the job market and can work with you to prepare your resume and your applications so employers in your industry will better receive them. They are key to success in the modern era of work.

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