True leadership requires not just management but inspiration of others. Honesty and integrity are crucial to building loyalty and motivation of a team. Having a clear vision and inspiration of big picture goals while executing on that mission are hallmarks of a true leader. The ability to challenge and inspire a team to think outside the box and work toward a common goal is a key sign of great leadership. But the most critical element of leading a great team is the ability to bridge the disconnect between your team and your company by showing their purpose in matching the corporate vision.

Bridging the disconnect between people and purpose

It is important to remember that employees are simply people. They have wants and needs and struggle with similar issues and concerns no matter what role they are in or what location they are working in. People want to know that their time and effort is going toward something valuable, something that will make a difference for both them and others. Employees also want to know where the company is going and how they fit into the larger picture.

This information is critical to employee motivation, particularly when paired with a strong company vision that is communicated to staff and consistent with the actions of the company at large. The true purpose of a company can serve as a launch pad for employees to explore their inner-potential and expand their thinking about how and where they can grow with the company. Employees will be more driven to productively complete minute and tedious tasks if they have a bigger picture in mind. Doing so, they feel like they matter, and therefor will do more to make a difference.

Empowerment means recognizing the impact of your employees

Companies with cultures of empowerment grow their teams with the individuals in mind. While it’s critical to get the staff you need to effectively manage the workflow, it’s important to recognize the important role that individuals play in the overall success of a project, or better yet a whole company. From corporate leadership all the way on down to temporary staff and contractors, everyone needs to know why they are needed, how they are making a difference, and what the company would miss with them gone.

When people feel that they matter and belong, cooperation comes naturally to a team. They are better able to take smart risks, learn new skills, and grow within their role to expand their impact within the greater context of the company. A strong bond between employees brings out great strength in teams, but a strong connection with the company (exhibited through loyalty, engagement, and low turnover rates) will make the difference for the long-term success and growth of the team as well as the company.

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