If you really want to get the job, you need to stand out among potentially thousands of other applicants. To do this, you know that your cover letter must be incredibly good. There are many that fail to land their value to employers in their cover letter and lose out on an important opportunity. Some do this out of failure to realize the importance of a cover letter, and some simply don’t know what it takes to write a good cover letter.

The bottom line is that a bad cover letter is a red flag to employers who will look over you as a candidate no matter how skillful your resume may present you as an employee. On the other hand, a good cover letter can help personalize your application and differentiate you from the crowd. Here are a few key tips to help you craft the best cover letter possible.

1. Don’t write before doing your research

You must do your research before you write your cover letter. There are many people who just copy their resume from the internet and assume it’ll never even get read. This is one of the worst mistakes that you can do. If you don’t care about the application process, then it can cost you a lot. Employers are looking for applicants who want the job enough to do their research. Make sure that your cover letter is up to date and relevant to the job you are applying for. Template letters that are not specific about the job, or obvious copies of previous letters are often dismissed out of hand.

2. Be authentic

Don’t write anything just because you think it sounds good. If you write something that you are not connected to, then you are going to fail to land your message. Authenticity goes a long way in your job application. Employers are looking for a genuine person who is a clear fit for their team and the job. If you are not genuine in your cover letter, it comes across pretty obviously. Use your cover letter as a way to introduce your true self to the employer, and let them know why the job is important to you in a meaningful way.

3. Always follow instructions

Many employers will make special requests in their call for cover letters and resumes. They use this as a way to find the candidates who are paying attention, the ones who really want to be considered for the job. Make sure you follow any layout or page length requests and focus on the details. Employers love a cover letter that provides them exactly what they need in a clear and succinct way.

4. Customize the letter to the role

The majority of the candidates won’t go to the trouble of updating cover letters for every job they apply to. This is a mistake. Remember that no matter how many cover letters you write, you need to do each one justice. You are reaching out to the hiring manager directly. Don’t do them the disservice of doing so with a form letter meant for someone else originally. For example, if the company is interested in a particular skill set, then you need to show it first and foremost. You also need to connect to the company, and do your best to speak their language.

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