The thought of mobile devices in the workplace might not seem intuitive, especially for those job-sites where cell phones are not used regularly. But there may be a place for mobile phones in the workplace in so far as they can improve employee safety on the job. Here are several mobile apps currently available to download which actively improve the safety of your teams.

NIOSH Lifting Equation Calculator

This mobile app is based on the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation, an internationally recognized standard for safe manual lifting, and is designed to help prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Users of the free app can enter information about a lifting task and receive feedback on optimizing the lift, such as placement of the load or even suggested alternatives. This helps improve awareness about job tasks, enables better decision-making on site, and promotes better musculoskeletal health.

First Aid App

The official First Aid App is made by the American Red Cross and puts expert first aid and care information into the hands of your employees in an easy to consume fashion. Step by step instructions allow workers and managers quickly address accidents and serious injuries. Key features of the app include English and Spanish translations, integration with 911 calling, and assisted video learning. This app helps provide your employees with the support and resources they need in an emergency.

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

This app helps workers and supervisors calculate weather conditions and make educated decisions about working conditions on the job. The app calculates health risk levels and prompts users to wear and use protective gear. Additionally, it can be used to remind workers to take breaks, drink water, and so on. Key features include a calculable heat index of the work area, warning signs and symptoms of heat illness and other heat related threats for workers.

The Noise Sniffer App

While minimalistic in function, this app does one thing very well. It recognizes when workers are operating within an area with dangerous noise levels. Once a user hits start, the app measures noise levels in the immediate area and provides a decibel readout. Once levels reach 60 db, the work area is considered very to extremely loud such as to require resolution or risk damage to worker hearing. Key features of the app include a start/stop button, warning tool, and calculation of the noise level in the immediate area of the phone.

Oregon OSHA’s Portable Ladder App

Every year, OSHA hands out the most citations to businesses over improper use of ladders. More workers fall from ladders than any other elevated surface, and it’s a reasonably easy problem to avoid. It all comes down to knowledge, and OSHA’s portable ladder app can help provide the right information for the situation.  It helps workers select the right ladder for their job and assists with proper set up and tear down. This can go a long way to help a job site stay accident free, just make sure employees use their mobile devices appropriately given the work conditions.

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