Hiring doesn’t need to be a chore. Hiring is an opportunity for businesses to bring on the best and brightest and make real changes to the workflow. But to capitalize on that opportunity, the chances are your entire corporate mentality around recruiting and hiring needs to change. Too often companies fall behind in the race for talent because they are stuck in their ways, or rely too much on traditional mindsets in building their teams.

The truth of the matter is that today’s job market is candidate-driven. There’s a war on for good talent, and if you are not doing the leg work needed to attract and retain top quality talent, inevitably you’ll fall behind. Here are three key strategies you need to incorporate to speed up the hiring process and make sure you recruit the best professionals in your market.

Make Hiring a Priority

Too many companies undertake the task of hiring as a crisis management activity. Instead, you should make hiring a top business priority. Your efforts from posting the job to reading resumes and interviewing candidates should be respected, valued, and strategically undertaken just like any other business priority. Rather than bringing on workers as needed, often under the pressure of project work and the ebb and flow of a qualified talent pool, you should invest in proactive recruitment. Do your research and learn what it takes to hire the best and why they choose to work for companies like yours. If you make your staff a priority, they will make the opportunity to work for you one of theirs.

Know the Cost of a Bad Hire

Many companies still make the mistake of hiring too quickly because they need staff to handle the workload. This comes as not acknowledging the true price of a bad hire, and of not thinking far enough ahead when it comes to balancing workload and staff. Too often, hiring managers feel pressured because the company is losing out on money by not hiring someone quickly. But the cost of a bad hire can make a significant impact on the long-term health of a business. Bad hires result in high turnover, low employee morale, increased training costs, poor project performance, and a prolonged hiring process.  With that in mind, consider waiting until a better candidate comes along before pulling the trigger and making a choice you regret further down the road.

Ask for Help

Not every hiring manager is trained to make good hiring decisions. Most find themselves able to hire because they have shown good leadership and project management skills. But rarely to project management and hiring skills overlap. A truly good leader knows when to ask for help. In such cases, a staffing agency or recruiter can be the answer a company is looking for. Rather than avoiding such assistance out of fear of not doing their job correctly, hiring managers should be encouraged to get the support they need in identifying top candidates and attracting industry-leading talent to the team.

Work With a Top Industrial Recruiter

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