In the world of industry, loose lips sink ships. Business secrets and intellectual property are critical to maintaining the success and reputation of a company. Corporate espionage is a very real concern, particularly in the digital age of hackers and cyber criminals who seem to have an ever-growing arsenal of tools by which to access secure data. But it is actually insider threats which are most likely to do damage. So what actions can you take to ensure your company is not compromised? Here are a few tips to reduce those vulnerabilities.

Continuous Monitoring

While every company wants to know they can trust their employees, the fact is that 80 percent of insider threats can be caught by monitoring employee behaviors and external pressures. Keeping tabs on who is accessing information or downloading data, and making sure sensitive information is gated and managed will go a long way toward protecting the integrity of a company. Being alerted to the download of data while at the same time knowing your employee had a lien placed on their home gives meaning to an otherwise normal event, and allows companies to understand motive before any real damage can be done. Given that much of the financial well-being of a company depends on the reliability and responsibility of its employees and contractors, keeping a close eye on your staff is a smart move.

Limit Your Risk

Background checks of employees are critical to limit risk, but it’s frankly not enough these days. Employers need to limit who has access to what information, and actively track access points to reduce vulnerability. Corporate secrets should be absolutely kept on a need-to-know basis, and staff members with high levels of clearance should be screened for anomalous behavior regularly. Consider drug testing and technology designed to scan emails and other communications to make sure everything is proceeding as is appropriate. Maintaining the security of your digital assets through effective password protection, a strong firewall and limiting remote devices will go a long way toward protecting an otherwise vulnerable resource.

Hire Qualified Employees

Above all, the qualifications of your staff members will designate how able to manage the job they will be. It can be difficult to hire the right talent, particularly as the industry struggles with disruptive technology and a growing skills gap. But the risk of hiring unqualified staff to high-profile positions can result in severe consequences. Make sure your company is protected by offering competitive compensation, encouraging positive work-life balance, identifying candidates who are suffering from burn out and actively working toward keeping employees happy and content within their positions. A commitment to your staff members is often one of the best things you can do to ensure their commitment to the well-being of the company as a whole.

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