Finding quality talent is a challenge that every hiring manager is personally familiar with. The process of identifying the good candidates in a talent pool of sometimes hundreds of resumes is time consuming and often frustrating for many employers. What’s one simple and straightforward way to quickly identify skilled leaders in your industry? Keep an eye out for the vets.

Here’s why.

Veterans Are Task Oriented

Veterans are trained to be highly task oriented. They know and understand processes and how a system can make or break the success of a project. They’re trained in the ability to focus in on the task that is assigned to them and see it through to the end. Veterans have respect for procedures gained from their unique perspective on how important accountability is. And they understand how they function within the overall framework of an organization and take great responsibility for their actions and the actions of their team members. They are also able to perform well under pressure, something that many civilians struggle with on a daily basis.

Veterans understand what is required to succeed within the constraints of a tight schedule and limited resources. They are uniquely capable of accomplishing priorities on time despite situational stress. Many veterans have a great deal of experience working with new technologies and have a global perspective that will help differentiate your company from the competition. Most of all, vets are highly results oriented. This allows them to focus on accomplishing their tasks with the end in mind, because in their previous position it potentially meant the difference between life and death.

Veterans Have Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are critical to the success of an organization. The military trains people to lead by example and to take those skills to the next level. Hiring vets directs those leadership skills into a position where they will be valued and counted on to lead others to greater success within the organization. Veterans understand the practical ways to work with others, manage behaviors, and get results even in some of the most conflict-riddled situations. That familiarity with leadership dynamics sets them apart from other candidates and provides clear value for your organization’s productivity.

Veterans Know How to Work on a Team

Teamwork is what military success is built on. Veterans understand how genuine teamwork, not just superficial teamwork, is built on a sense of loyalty and responsibility to your coworkers. Military duties are designed to blend individual skills and abilities for a synergistic success. As the saying goes, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So veterans work hard to rise together with their team. They have a firsthand, real-world view of how groups of all shapes and sizes relate to each other and work together to achieve a common goal or accomplish a certain mission.

Work with a Leader in Industrial Staffing

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