Are you looking to transition to a career in the industrial sector? First and foremost, you need to have the relevant training and experience that a specific job calls for from applicants. But don’t short change the importance of soft skills or skills that are easily transferrable from other job markets.

Interviewers will likely ask and expect to hear about your industry experience. But to really stand out from other applicants, consider featuring your transferable skills in a way that complements your industrial qualifications as well. Today’s article will cover a number of key transferable skills that will make your resume shine as you step into your next exciting opportunity in the industrial sector.

1. Working on a team

Likely the most transferable skill you can highlight is your ability to be a team player. Every hiring manager wants to know that you are the type of candidate who knows how to work as part of a team. Showing them how you have used those team work skills in previous experiences will help make your non-industrial work that much more relevant to the job you are currently applying for. The key is to remember to describe your achievements as a team player in a way that makes it clear to an interviewee or recruiter how you can bring those abilities to your next work situation.

2. Balancing multiple projects

Similar to team work skills, the ability to balance multiple projects will serve you well in the industrial sector. Multitasking and managing simultaneous tasks and projects while remaining organized and on task are all skills that are in high demand across industries. Hiring managers are most impressed by candidates who are able to clearly and concisely present their qualifications and skills in a way that is of particular relevance to them and the organization they are looking to join.

3. A Background in Math and Science

A strong background in math and science (whether it’s academic or experience based) will always be a highlight on the resume of someone applying for an industrial job. The industrial sector requires employees who are able to complete complex, detail-oriented work, and any successful employee in the industry will have a skill set that complements those demands. An understanding of the basics in math and science will put you at a great advantage heading into an industrial career. Highlight your awareness and compliance with safety protocols, working with computers and machinery, and other relevant skills to make sure you are setting the right tone for your step into a new industry.

Your past experiences can still be very relevant to a new job, so long as you are able to frame your experience and accomplishments in the right light. Employers are looking for the value that you can provide on the job. Showing them how your past experiences transfer easily to the job you are applying for will help make all the difference in an interview.

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