While focusing on employee retention is a valuable goal for any company, sometimes it is inevitable that certain positions will retain a higher turnover rate than others. Part of doing business is understanding your clients and your employees. A smart response for employers is to develop a reliable hiring pipeline to ensure the availability of high-quality talent when you need it most. This article will discuss what steps you as an employer should take to gain and keep access to a steady source of candidates and job seekers who are most fit for the job.

Understanding Turnover

Recent studies have shown that the lack of a clear career path or job flexibility can lead to higher turn-over rates in a particular job. While many employers have the best of intentions when it comes to hiring an employee, sometimes the opportunities for growth within a particular position are limited. This can inevitably lead to the need to hiring new employees on a regular basis simply because the needs of the job don’t necessarily align with many employees’ career goals. Understanding the disconnect will help you better understand why you are having difficulty keeping the position filled.

Know What Skills Are Needed to Succeed

Just as understanding why employees might leave is important, so too is the need to know what skills are critical to succeed within a particular position. This knowledge may come after some trial and error with different applicants, but the key is to better know what type of employee you are looking for so that you can potentially avoid high turnover rates. Rather than writing a job description with lofty ideals of what your dream employee would be skilled in, it is best to remain practical and open about the requirements of the job and what skills are needed to succeed.

Develop and Maintain Your Networks

Employers and hiring managers have a powerful tool at their disposal when it comes to recruiting, specifically, their professional networks. Recommendations from other employers, past connections with employees and candidates, and social connections can all provide valuable opportunities to learn of and recruit top industry talent, even for high-turnover positions. Stay active in your network and regularly reach out to partners for suggestions or recommendations on candidates. This will help ensure a steady stream of applicants when you are most in need.

Communicate with Passive Candidates

Not everyone is looking for a new job right away. Many high-quality candidates may be currently in a situation where they are interested in working for you, but are otherwise engaged at the current time. Keeping a list of passive candidates who you know will be good applicants when the time comes is helpful to draw from when you are in need of a new hire. Keeping in touch with these prospective employees is critical. Whether you choose to engage with them by email, through social media, or by phone, it is good to keep tabs on them to evaluate whether they are likely to be interested in coming onboard when you are next looking to hire.

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