Looking for some fun ideas to attract new manufacturing recruits? Consider hosting a Manufacturing Day at your company. It can help to spread the word that you are looking to hire and also help to change public perception of present day manufacturing. Companies across the country are using these events as a great way to reach out to the local community, and share the goals and engage prospective candidates with hands-on learning opportunities, outreach and networking. Here are a number of ways that hosting a Manufacturing Day event can benefit your business.

What is Manufacturing Day?

Manufacturing Day is similar to a holiday in celebrating the manufacturing industry and its employees to spread awareness of current events and best practices in the manufacturing industry. It was meant to address common misconceptions of what manufacturing entails in the present day and inspire the next generation of manufacturers in the U.S. Officially, Manufacturing Day takes place on the first Friday in October (and has done so for the past five years), but you can host a Manufacturing Day event whenever is most appropriate for your company and community.

Events should be registered with the official Manufacturing Day website ( so interested attendees can be made aware of it through the official channels. Plus, registering with the co-production team provides planners access to all the event planning and execution resources available on the website.

How Can You Host an Event?

Depending on what kind of event you want to host, your event can be any size or shape. The key steps in hosting a Manufacturing Day at your business include registering your event with the Manufacturing Day website to ensure it will appear on the official event calendar, deciding who to invite (good options include local schools, colleges, elected officials, customers, suppliers and business partners), and promoting your event through popular channels such as your website, social media, press releases and word of mouth. A wide variety of planning resources are available to registrants on the Manufacturing Day website, but remember this event can be customized to meet the needs of your business and community.

What Are the Benefits?

Manufacturing Day is about celebrating pride in manufacturing. Issues like public perception of the industry, the skills gap and gender relations in the field are all regularly addressed at events across the country. According to recent studies by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, participants found:

  • 90 percent of the activities and tours presented at events to be interesting and engaging
  • 84 percent of participants were made more aware of local jobs in manufacturing
  • 81 percent were more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding
  • 62 percent were more motivated to pursue a career in manufacturing.

Furthermore, 94 percent of hosts found value in participating in Manufacturing Day and 95 percent were likely to host a similar event again in the future. It’s clear that developing a more positive perception of manufacturing in local communities is a great way to inspire and educate the next generation of manufacturers.

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