Do you even feel that the products and processes at work are evolving more rapidly now than they ever have in the past? A new and more-efficient technology always seems to be on the rise. A new tool or way to collaborate with your colleagues in real time, or even a new feature on your favorite social networking site can seem industry-changing but quickly becomes old news as another innovation takes its place. There is an increasingly competitive landscape in all sectors and companies are constantly demanding more efficiency from their engineering talent. While there are numerous ways to get ahead in your career, one of the most valuable is the drive to learn new skills and staying ahead of the curve. Global Power discusses the importance of ‘sharpening the saw’ and incorporating a student mindset into your career path.

The Making of an Engineer

As any successful engineer will tell you, the diploma is just the first step. You worked very hard for your engineering degree but might be left wondering, now what? Even once employed, engineers need to keep up to date with evolving technologies or risk falling behind. Within your discipline, it is critical to maintain certifications and even attend re-training sessions to ensure you are on the cutting edge of your field. It is wise to keep abreast of hot topics in other engineering disciplines as well, because you never really know where the next big thing will happen. Pursuing a higher degree shows a commitment to the field and your discipline that employers are eagerly seeking in prospective candidates.

Foster a Desire to Continue Learning

An ever-changing discipline requires an ambitious and ever-curious mind. You should never really feel satisfied that you have achieved everything. There will always be something new to learn. That’s one of the most exciting aspects of engineering. Feel free and encouraged to explore a wide variety of disciplines and tools within the realms of engineering. New concepts and capabilities are made available every year, and staying up to date on the latest and greatest is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

Incorporate Versatility Into Your Career

You should strive to build versatility into your resume as well. That desire to continue experimenting and learning, even outside the office, could be the highlight your work history needs to attract the attention of hiring managers. Working on side projects that show your passion to complement assignments from employers make for great examples of your skills that you can share in an interview without breaching any confidentiality contracts.  Explore and familiarize yourself with the methodologies and tools commonly used by engineers in other disciplines to expand your horizons and make your resume more versatile overall.

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