As consumers have become more connected and business savvy with information readily available, companies need to focus their outreach efforts in a smart and meaningful manner. With the ability to compare companies and prices easily, companies need to be able to meet the needs of their customers quickly. Social media is one obvious place that can happen. This article will touch on the importance of using social media effectively to meet your customers’ needs.

The SMAC Stack and What It Means for Your Business

The social media revolution is having a huge impact on all facets of life and nowhere is the impact more obvious than on the way businesses and consumers interact. Social, mobile, analytics and cloud, aka SMAC, is at the heart of any successful business’ technology strategy. While social media is enabling consumers to compare products, prices and even companies quickly and easily, it is also serving as a catalyst to drive innovation at an unprecedented rate. The traditional business-to-business model is quickly giving way to a business to consumer model. In this model, the companies who are able to maintain the pace in research and development, and are first to market with the next big idea, are a clear winner.

The Social Media Model

Social media is such a powerful consumer tool that it has really influenced how manufacturers and other businesses react to customer feedback. Social media has become the preferred communication avenue for buyers to reach out to sellers, and vice versa, to establish a meaningful dialogue. If you have not capitalized on this shift in marketing communication, it’s likely you are missing on a big opportunity. Customers expect large businesses to have a dynamic and responsive social media presence. If you feel your company is lacking such a presence, then it’s likely you are not currently meeting your customers’ needs. More and more B2B companies are morphing into a B2B2C model to better connect with their clients.

The Impact of the Internet of Things

The concept of a completely connected environment is fast becoming reality. The Internet of Things has brought incredible technological upgrades to machinery and public infrastructure. This high level of connectedness also has increased the data collected and analyzed by companies to improve processes and increase automation. Customers are more connected and able to reach the companies they want to influence. Again, social media is a surprisingly strong tool. As a company, you should make sure your staff members are also connected to the Internet of Things. Consider encouraging the use or even provision of mobile devices that increase communication and effectiveness on the job, and embrace corporate use of social media tools to better respond to and meet the needs of your customer base.

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