We at Global Power Workforce Solutions are in the business of talent acquisition for the power generation industry. That’s a hefty undertaking, but our clients find value in our services simply because they pose such a challenge. There are a variety of solutions to overcoming the difficulty of labor resource management. This blog reviews a number of ways in which relying on labor resource management solutions will make your business more effective.

A More Efficient Hiring Process

Outages, decommissioning, and planned projects in the energy industry all require a detailed and efficient approach to labor resource management. Our process shortens and simplifies your talent search. We excel in creating a streamlined recruitment and onboarding process, with an emphasis on high safety standards, high-quality applicants, and expert staff augmentation. Our hiring process is designed to help your workforce adapt quickly to meet your seasonally changing needs.

An efficient hiring system is one which quickly and accurately identifies your staffing needs, creates a staffing plan by project, then assesses and places the best candidates where you need them. By providing performance surveys, project orientations, and ongoing staffing support, your labor resource management challenges are no longer a burden.

Selecting High-Quality Candidates

One of the most difficult challenges of labor resource management is finding high quality talent. You simply don’t have the time to weed through hundreds of resumes, looking for a diamond in the rough. Finding the skilled trade workers and professionals in the energy industry requires time, experience, and recruiting knowhow. Working with a labor resource management team with a proven track record in the energy industry will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, saving you time and money.

The trick to finding those high-quality candidates lies in recognizing the top candidates well before completing an interview. The recruitment process has changed significantly in the past 10 years. Incorporating online recruiting techniques, drawing from a preapproved labor pool, and networking with potential candidates all can aid in the selection of the best candidates for the job. That should reduce poor project performance and keep turnover at a minimum.

Providing a Variety of Employee Assignments

The ever-changing landscape of the energy industry requires great flexibility when it comes to staffing assignments. A good labor resource management team is skilled in recruiting talent for a variety of temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hire staff scenarios. Each placement offers its own benefits and challenges, and it is our job to evaluate what the best fit is for your unique project or range of projects.

Are you interested in skilled workers who are committed to short-term projects, perhaps on-demand staff for outages and emergency projects? It is likely that temporary staff will be the best fit in that scenario. In comparison, direct hire staff will provide the long-term talent you need, while reducing costs associated with recruiting and onboarding of new employees. The point is that knowing the strengths and appropriateness for each type of staffing assignment is key to successful talent acquisition in the energy industry.

Global Power Workforce Solutions can help find job candidates for jobs in power generation. Contact us today for more information!

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