Whether you are interested in growing your skills to stay competitive in the nuclear power market or looking to start a new career in the industry, knowing what the most desired skills are will put you ahead of the curve. The question is, what skills are looked highly upon amongst those that work in nuclear power? This post provides an overview of the most valued skills in the industry and highlights how a candidate should present them on a resume.

Industry-Specific Skills and Training

Depending on the type of job you are interested within the nuclear power industry, your skills and training will likely reflect the specific job you are pursuing. For example, a degree in engineering is important to qualify for an engineering position. While it’s true that a limited number of nuclear workers have a degree in nuclear engineering, there are jobs that require degrees in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.

Don’t worry if you are not an engineer though. There are plenty of other opportunities in the market for those without an engineering degree. Technicians are relied on throughout the industry, to assist with power generation, operation, monitoring, and controlling reactor turbines, generators, and other equipment throughout a power plant. Welders, pipefitters, iron workers, electricians, and other construction jobs are also looking for skilled workers as plants require seasonal repairs and a number of new plants are expected to come on the scene in the next five years.

Transferable Skills

A strong background in math and science (whether it’s academic or experience based) will always be a serious plus for any employer in the nuclear power industry. Nuclear technology is complex, detail-oriented work, and any successful employee in the industry will have a skill set that complements those demands. Developing skills such as attention to detail, the ability to work on a schedule and meet aggressive deadlines, awareness and compliance with safety protocols, working with computers and machinery, and being a real team player are all relevant skills that are easily transferable from career to career. Also valuable are communication and management skills. All are particularly desirable in the nuclear power job market.

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Your resume is the single most important element of your job-search strategy. It is what will get your foot in the door. A poorly worded or slapdash resume will do you more harm than you can imagine. Make sure the resume is up to date and truly represents you and your work history in the best light possible.  Your resume should, of course, have a clean, professional look without any grammatical errors.

Beyond the basics, make sure you highlight your background and skills that are most relevant to the specific job you are hoping to get. Using important keywords taken straight from the job description will help make you look like the ideal candidate.

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