The holidays are quickly coming up, and in a year like this, you’ll likely want to show your appreciation for your employees. They’ve had a tough year, so taking the time to show them you care and appreciate their effort is very timely. As an employer, though, it’s not always easy to balance the checkbook when trying to manage business challenges and retain strong talent. Here’s how you can do it without breaking the bank, even as a small business.


Something They Can Enjoy

Consumable gifts are another popular option. Food, fruits, treats, wine, or something else that can be enjoyed quickly and easily are great options. These gifts generally are well received and don’t cost employers an arm and a leg. Better yet, accompany the gift with a thoughtful card or handwritten note to show them how much you appreciate them on a personal level.


Something to Help Them On the Job

A thoughtful gift that your employees will really appreciate may be as simple as thinking about what they need to do their job better. This could be a new computer, headphones, mobile device, or even desk accessories. Giving a gift like this shows that you appreciate their efforts daily and want to provide the tool necessary to help them succeed on the job.

Beware of the temptation to offer branded gifts because while they can be a clever way to help your employees spread the word about your company, they are often received as having strings attached. Your employees’ gifts should be about showing your appreciation, not marketing your services, or reaching new clients. There is a time and a place for that, and it is not during the holiday gift-giving season.


Something to Help Them Connect with Family or Friends

Consider gifting your employees a paid “family day” or an extra day off to spend with those they love. Some companies offer paid time off during holidays but consider thinking outside the box around how everyone can spend time together better these days. Would they appreciate some company-sanctioned social time with colleagues? Is a team volunteer day something that would benefit your community? A fun and memorable event that the whole family can enjoy will be a great gift to your employees and bring the team together for some important bonding moments.

A team’s morale is heavily dependent on the effort a leadership team puts into building a strong and supportive corporate culture. Even if you are a small business, your team is looking to help lead them through these difficult times. Show up as the leader you want to be through even tough times, and you will earn the reputation that top talent will seek to work for when the market inevitably bounces back again.


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