In the summer, it’s often tough to maintain a strong sense of employee morale. Vacations and warm weather can be distracting, and inevitably morale can slip. Especially in current times where life challenges are very real and difficult to ignore. Here’s how you can help keep your employees in line while also keeping spirits up through the summer months.

1.    Lead by Example

First of all, smile! Your employees are looking to you to set a good example, and when your bad mood or distraction echos throughout your interactions in the office, it is contagious. But having a good attitude can help you encourage high morale in others. You may just find that bringing a more lighthearted approach to your work will help keep attitudes positive. You will likely find employees following suit, and everyone’s moods and overall morale will improve.

2.    Create a Positive Work Environment

The environment you work in can have a significant impact on your team’s morale. Take a look around the office or even break the area. Can anything be done to make the space more welcoming?  More effective? Don’t blow your budget on redecorating, but your employees do appreciate it when management cares about fixing problems or annoying issues within the work environment. Consider whether it’s possible to bring in more natural light. Open up the space to allow for more natural conversation to occur. Get rid of clutter or unnecessary equipment that’s been piling up. Create a positive work environment you and your team will feel comfortable in, especially as the summer heat entices workers to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

3.    Be Thoughtful

You never can tell how effective a little thoughtfulness can be when boosting morale. Consider surprising team members with small gifts for outstanding performance. Little perks or thank yous, like a gas card, a small gift certificate, or a fun event, can be an economical way to make employees feel special and rewarded. Just make sure that you’re careful not to play favorites, as that can have the opposite effect and hit your morale if your team feels like there’s not fair opportunity to be recognized.

4.    Make Time for Fun

Whether your company has challenging KPIs to hit, or whether you’re anticipating an August slow down, it’s important to make fun and relaxation a priority. Play is critical to morale, for kids as well as for adults. It’s essential to find ways to bring fun into even the busiest of schedules and teams, because without that break from the every day, morale will suffer. Consider company-sponsored events like “summer Fridays” or a summertime social event. Any team event can be a great way to bond. Just take your practice’s work culture (and safety) into account, and remember that the goal is to be inclusive but never compulsory. Not everyone has the availability to show up for events outside of work hours, so consider sacrificing an hour or two in the day to make sure everyone who wants to has the chance to participate.

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