The world of work has changed dramatically in response to the business’s technological revolution. The way we do work is different, but also the way we find work and workers has changed significantly. If you are not currently aware of the resources available to you in partnering with a staffing expert, you are missing out on important opportunities to build your talent pipeline. This is because recruiting firms have changed just as much as the energy industry. Here’s a look at just a few of the ways technology is making it easier and more efficient to hire with a staffing partner.

Recruitment Marketing Tech

You’ve heard of marketing automation, but have you heard of recruitment automation? Since everything from job boards to the application process has gone digital, automation is the next logical step in the digital transformation of the industry. Recruitment marketing tech is a powerful tool to help companies attract more (and more qualified candidates). Technologies such as video interviewing and programmatic advertising are enabling firms to capture higher returns from recruitment ad spend. By doing this, it helps get the best people for their recruiting budget. It also helps firms engage more effectively with current and past candidates and even capture referrals.

Evolving Customer, Contractor, and Candidate Experiences

What it means to be a customer today has changed. Likewise, contractors and candidate experiences are radically different from what those experiences used to be. The satisfaction of the customers of a staffing firm (specifically their clients and their candidates) matters in the new world of work. There is a direct correlation between customer satisfaction and revenue growth. New technologies are emerging in the staffing industry that are actively enabling staffing firms to measure better, track, and promote a positive customer experience in real-time. The firms that are able to act on that feedback are the ones who can recruit the top talent.

Mobile Optimization

In the energy industry, mobile optimization might seem like something not relevant to the business of getting the energy to customers. But when it comes to recruiting mobile matters. If your staffing tech stack is not optimized for mobile, you are missing out on critical recruitment opportunities. Recruiters mostly use laptops to engage with candidates, but most candidates engage with recruiters through their mobile devices. If a job application is illegible on a smaller device, you can be sure that’s several fewer candidates who can apply. It’s more than just about providing a format that works for a portion of the talent demographics, though. It’s about engaging with candidates in real-time. Being mobile optimized means, you can get applications, inquiries, and engagement no matter where your potential candidates are or what they’re doing.

Automated Operations

The most successful staffing firms are actively using automation to offer differentiated services, speed up operations, and overall to lower costs to their customers – you. This new base of automation technologies allows staffing firms to automate routine tasks such as onboarding, candidate engagement, without the need of a programmer. This drives real efficiencies into the business that employers like you can leverage to find better candidates who can focus on the work, rather than the staffing process.

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