Continuing in our series about how to succeed in a video interview, today we’re talking about how best to prepare your environment. The environment is critical. As more companies are getting more global in scope, it stands to reason that not every candidate is available locally or able to fly in for an interview. Video conferencing is quickly becoming an essential recruiting tool to help companies find the best and brightest around the world. But even though your interview is by video, your environment is still a key factor for a great video interview. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.  

Breakdown of the Video Interview Experience 

Before you sign on and sit down to your interview, think seriously about what it would be like as the interviewer on the other side of the video conference line. What does your workspace look like? How’s the lighting in the room you will be using? How is the noise level? What will your interviewer see over your shoulder that may or may not distract them from what you are saying? How is your internet connection?  

These things matter. Making sure your environment serves you well in a video interview shows the care and attention to detail that interviewers are looking for when it comes to finding the ideal candidate. Just as you would do your best to show up on time, prepared, and excited for an in-person interview, do the same for your video interview because video is the next best thing to an in-person meeting.  

Lighting and Audio 

To provide an excellent video interview experience, you want even, full-spectrum lighting on the front of your face. If you are taking your call from your home or office, most in house lighting will be from above or the side. Bring in a little more light by purchasing three inexpensive desk lamps and install full-spectrum light bulbs. These will act as key lights and give you even lighting. Place these pointing up at your face on the front, left and right. Finally, close all of the window shades to reduce interference from outside light sources which can change unexpectedly and which you cannot control.  

In the world of high definition video, your audio matters. Our tolerance for poor audio is much lower than for video, so you will want to sound great. Make sure you pick a good room for your interview, somewhere quiet with limited to no outside noise to interfere with you being heard. Use headphones to get your message across clearly and reduce echo. Either earbuds from your cell phone or invest in a nicer pair if you plan to use them frequently. Consider running any wires underneath the back of your shirt, so they do not show.  

Dress as You Would for an In-Person Interview 

As with all interviews, you should dress for success in a video interview. Pick clothes that have color and look good on you. Avoid patterns if you can. While cameras have gotten a lot better at dealing with patterns, they can still be distracting to the eye or get picked up strangely on video. Consider standing while being interviewed. This allows you to use your hands naturally and will give you more confidence when you are talking about your past successes. The most important thing to remember is to be in an environment where you feel comfortable and confident so that you can focus on the conversation and the person on the other end of the line.  

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Video interviewing is going to become more relevant when it comes to hiring candidates. You must be aware of this interviewing style and are adequately prepared. For more information, contact Williams Industrial Services Group, LLC today!

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