Podcasts have quickly become an excellent source of leadership development. For those too busy to read or take a continued education course, but who are keen to further their professional development, listening to podcasts on your commute, while doing menial tasks, or even when you’re on vacation can be a great way to continue your journey into leadership. The growth of podcasts has been so prevalent in recent years in part due to the convenience of the medium, and in part due to the great content that is currently available. Podcasts are an amazing source of information and inspiration that you can download and listen to whenever works for you.

To get your summer off to a great start, here are five leadership-focused podcasts that are a must listen for you (and your team).

1. Dose of Leadership with Richard Rierson

Dose of Leadership is a podcast aimed to help leaders dramatically improve their individual and organizational effectiveness. This podcast has interviews with leaders from all areas of life including military, business, and even faith-based leaders. The show aims to teach leaders and aspiring leaders how to develop themselves and the organization they lead. Rierson is recognized as a leadership expert and coach with real-world experience and entrepreneurial background. These authentic stories are a great inspiration for helping you develop your own leadership skills.

2. Engaging Leader with Jesse Lahey

When it comes to leading people, communication and engagement matter almost more than anything else. The Engaging Leader podcast centers around the importance of communication and motivation as the basis of modern leadership. Jesse and his interviewees discuss the various tactics you can use to communicate with your team more effectively for improved productivity and greater business outcomes too.

3. Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt

From the This is Your Life podcast hosts, Lead to Win is an amazing leadership podcast with weekly downloads of truly inspirational leadership stories. Hyatt wants you to lead your life with passion and focus and his podcast teaches just that. He will also talk you to on how to harness that passion and apply it in your area of work to become a focused and influential leader. The focus here is on weekly leadership lessons and tips that promote lasting success and thriving on a personal level too.

4. Accelerate with Andy Paul

With more than 700 podcast episodes to dive into, the Accelerate podcast is a treasure trove of leadership development Paul started off quite badly as a salesperson but he managed to turn his fortunes around and become a leader in the field of sales. In Accelerate, he combines his experience and that of his guests to teach you how to become build successful teams for your organization to prosper.

5. Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak

Coaching for Leaders provides a home for insightful conversations with bestselling authors, expert researchers and everyday leaders. Weekly episodes discuss timely and relevant issues in business leadership and provide real-world advice on how you can become a better, more conscientious leader. Stachowiak believes that nobody is born a leader. In this podcast, he teaches the basics of leadership, leading by example, and how to bring the best out of the people you lead.

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