When you are in the market to hire the best and brightest in the industry, you need to look at what other companies are doing in order to attract the top talent in the industry. Whether it’s offering higher salaries, better benefits, or a unique culture of work, the people who can’t wait to get hired by the industry-leading employers have key things they are looking for from those opportunities. One of the latest deal breakers when it comes to hiring talent may surprise you. It’s sustainability particularly in a manufacturing industry that has long been plagued with wasteful and profit-first leadership. Here’s what you need to know.

Manufacturing is Going Green

Whereas going green tends to refer to improving a specific component of the manufacturing process that will benefit the environment — say, using recycled materials — sustainable manufacturing takes a holistic approach to environmental responsibility, taking the entire manufacturing process, including logistics, into account. Sustainable manufacturing also isn’t just about doing the planet a favor (though it does), it’s also about minimizing energy use and the costs associated with it while maximizing production.

Green is Good for Business Too

While most companies see sustainability measures as outwardly beneficial (to their community, to their local or global environment, etc.), the fact is that sustainable manufacturing is also able to provide numerous internal benefits as well. Going green is         good for business.

Some of the ways manufacturers practice sustainable manufacturing include reducing harmful emissions, harvesting solar and wind energy, installing energy-efficient lighting, equipment, and machinery, recycling, going paperless, finding more efficient transportation routes, and even building sustainable factories from the ground-up using intelligent robotic systems.

The benefits don’t stop there. Manufacturers practicing sustainability often receive tax incentives at the federal and state level, and consumers and new recruits are increasingly seeking out sustainable products and companies (while criticizing those who don’t engage in these practices through social media).

What Young Talent Needs

The newest generation of workers is looking to invest their careers with companies who are forward thinking and open to changing with the times. They want to work for a company with a purpose and with a mission that aligns with their personal values. By embracing and enabling sustainable manufacturing, you are better positioned as an employer who understands what’s important to the future of the workforce. That puts you in the lead with the latest and greatest talent in the industry, which will help you make big strides in getting ahead of the competition.

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