Hiring the right talent at the right time is an ongoing struggle for many employers across the energy industry. The cost and time involved in recruiting and hiring full-time employees isn’t always an option. Maybe you need someone right away. Maybe you only need someone for a specific period of time. Constraints like these make it very difficult to get skilled workers in the role when you need them. That’s where hiring consultants comes in. A consultant is a skilled professional who understands what your business is going through because they’ve helped countless others before you. Here are several ways to think about whether hiring a consultant is the right option for your business.

Outside Eyes, Fresh Perspectives

Contractors and consultants are brought on to do the work as scoped, it’s true. But what makes the difference between a temp worker and a true consultant is their ability to help others grow and evolve in a fast-paced business economy. Consultants may play a more complementary role as a project or task lead, but they’re value truly lies in their ability to stand as an expert advisor. They are a leader and a mentor (either formally or informally), and as such, they deliver a high level of contribution, through providing technical insight as well as the breadth and perspective needed to help others see the bigger picture.

Consultants are leaders, teachers, and coaches that can help drive your business forward while at the same time broadening perspectives and problem solving with a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes that can make all the difference in helping your company get ahead. Their depth of experience and expertise makes all the difference.

Shaping the Future

When you feel like your business is missing out on important opportunities, consultants are the right professional to bring in to help. Many of the more senior consultants are the type who have retired from a life of executive decision making within their field and are now looking to leverage that vast knowledge and experience to help a new generation of professionals. They know how to make an impact on decision-making and have valuable skills and experience that businesses count on to train and grow their own leadership.

Consultants are committed to helping shape the future of the business, by providing their expertise in support of new businesses currently on the rise. They are looked to for help in developing a deep understanding of the needs and issues of their client, you. They work to build strong and lasting relationships with clients that know the value of their input. They actively help shape and influence an organization’s strategic direction or goals, while also managing change in an effective and empowering way.

Many consultants at this stage of their career are former executives and typically serve as executive coaches or advisors to top leadership in need of additional support. Those who succeed in this role may lack the formal power they are familiar with, but they know how important it is to influence decision-making at the very top. Their skill and expertise, business knowledge and ability to connect with other decision makers make them a highly valued asset no matter where they go. If that’s the sort of expertise you are eager to enroll even for a limited period, hiring a consultant can make a huge impact on your business.

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