Have you been interviewed over video conferencing yet? If not, get ready because this is the next best thing to being there in person. As companies get more global in nature, it stands to reason that not every candidate is available locally or able to fly in for an interview. Video conferencing is quickly becoming an important recruiting tool to help companies find the best and brightest around the world. Here’s what you need to know as a candidate to respond to this shift in the job market.

1. Be Prepared

A video interview is like the perfect blend of an in-person and a phone interview. The bottom line is that you really need to know what you’re talking about in order to present yourself well. The impression you make is all about how prepared you are and how confident you come across. Doing your homework means reviewing your resume and the job description ahead of time so you know exactly how your skills and experience translate to provide value for the new position. If you let yourself be caught off guard because you didn’t think to prepare for a video interview, you can expect not to receive a request for a follow-up.

Doing your homework means doing a little extra research into the company you are applying to join. Reading up on their recent projects, their blog, and their news releases will help you get a better understanding of the business and the corporate culture, thereby preparing yourself for a conversation of exactly how well you would fit in. One key sign of an interview gone well (in person or by video) is an established rapport and engaging in some quality discussion.

2. Prepare Your Environment

Take your workspace into account when preparing for a video interview. How’s the lighting in the room you will be using? How is the noise level? What will your interviewer see over your shoulder that may or may not distract them from what you are saying? These things matter, and making sure your environment serves you well in a video interview shows the care and attention to detail that interviewers are looking for when it comes to getting the right candidate in line.

3. Practice for this type of Interview

As with any other interview, practice makes perfect. Test out your technology, your room set up, and your video presence with a friend or colleague to figure out what you need to do to show up in your best light on camera. Just like learning a new software program, there’s a learning curve to video chatting. Make sure you work out all the bugs well before you get a call from a prospective employer.

4. Get Your Questions Ready

The important thing to remember when preparing for a video interview is to treat it the same as you would an in-person interview. Make sure you have questions prepared to ask so you can learn more about the opportunity when you have the attention of your future employer. But also be ready to start a conversation that will help them better understand who you are and the value you bring to the company. Even though you’re not there in person.

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