Moving into a leadership role is a critical part in any industrial supervisor’s career. The jump comes with significant changes in responsibility and in work style. Here are just a few ways you can prepare yourself for that career transition, and show your management that you have the leadership skills you need to lead your own team in 2019.

Manage Smaller Projects

Leadership is something you can offer no matter what your role it. Show your ability to inspire others, ensure they do what is expected of them well and in a timely fashion, remove barriers to their success, and provide the vision and guidance the team needs to accomplish their goals. You don’t need to be a manager to lead people. But by taking on smaller projects in your current role, showing your capabilities even before being tasked with supervising a team, that can help you prepare for and prove your value to your own leadership.

Talk to Your Manager

To make the jump in your current role, you’ll need to talk directly with your manager. Tell them what you are looking for in terms of a career transition, and tell them why you are the right person for the job. If you have been managing smaller projects on your own already, that’s a great first step. But also talk to how you drive success within others. How do you help motivate your team members to do their best? How do you teach or mentor new hires so that the team can continue to grow? How do you approach your work with an eye toward high level business goals and long-term success? These are all things managers look for when hiring industrial supervisors, so make sure you position yourself for an easy transition in the eyes of your leadership. If you’re already capable of doing the job, your managers will much more likely promote internally to fill an open position than take the time and trouble to find an external candidate.

Work with a Staffing Partner

If your company isn’t ready to take your career to the next step, chances are that it’s time to talk to a recruiter or staffing agency to help you find a better job. Sometimes it’s as much about timing and workload as anything else, but if you know you are ready to move on up the ladder, but your current company doesn’t have space for you, a recruiter can help connect you with a company who is actively looking for someone like you to meet that need. Recruiters are amazing additions to your professional network. They find the right employee to meet the need of an employer with an active role to fill. Their talent pipeline is robust and their success requires the industry knowledge and experience that effectively places the right candidate with the right employer. That network can be just what you need to find the next step in your career path in 2019.

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