A job search is always an interesting time of growth and exploration in any professional’s career. It gives you the chance to really dig deep on what you are looking to do with your time. If your work was unfulfilling or your work environment wasn’t optimal, those are lessons you can learn to help you define what will be right for you in the future.

An important part of this personal conversation is the conflict between role vs. Industry. Are you looking for a specific job or do you want to grow within an industry? Here’s how you should frame your thinking on which to focus on in your job search.

Weighing the Difference

It can be challenging to find a new job that meets your expectations in terms of both the role you want and also the industry you are experienced in (or would like to become so). The truth is that so many roles are based on transferable skills and professionals change industries relatively frequently and find great success in doing so. But more traditionally, professionals may prefer to start in one role and grow within the industry as they gather new skills and greater experience. When searching for a new job, it can be hard to get both. But the question to ask is what do you want to focus on in your job search? Which is of greater value to you as a professional? How do you see yourself growing within each versus the other?

Seek Out Insider Knowledge

Something that can help you make the decision between role versus industry is simple information. Is it possible to speak with current employees within a company that you are looking to join to learn more about the career path you are seeking, as well as the overall health of the company and industry? Those informational interviews can be very helpful in clarifying what is most important to you as an employee, and what will matter to you in the long run as you see to grow your career.

Do Your Research

If you don’t have the opportunity to speak with someone in the role you are looking to work in, good old fashion research can be equally impactful. Look them up online, both via their website or their social presences. See what the word is on the employee forums. You can find a lot of information on the web based on press releases and employee or customer engagement and outreach. While this method can be helpful in providing more information and context about the role and the company, keep in mind that there is a balance that you are looking to achieve. While you might be committed to working within an industry but find that your qualifications and previous roles are not currently in high demand, you can test the waters by seeing if other industries are looking for people like you, or whether your industry has more need for similar roles with transferable skills.

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