Hiring is often a long and stressful process. You need good candidates and you need them fast. But a common frustration of hiring managers and employers, in general, are job candidates who ghost or disappear when you least expect it. Luckily, there are clear partners who can help you navigate the job search struggle and even minimize those candidates who don’t respect your time. Here are three reasons why recruiters are the perfect partner in this situation.

Recruiters screen early for commitment

When a job candidate is only partially interested in your job description, there are early indicators that experienced recruiters are trained to recognize. You don’t want to waste your time with candidates who are only looking for the first job they can get. You want a candidate who is committed to your company and to the role. The screening process is a complex one, and only the most skilled and most committed candidates are the ones who will make it past the first round of questions. Recruiters know the tricks of the trade which will get a candidate to reveal which type of job seeker they are.

Recruiters ask what candidates are passionate about

The right fit for your job listing is a candidate who is passionate about what they do, and about what they will do in the future if they work for your company. You are looking for someone who will treat the work as more than just a job, but as something, your employee takes pride in participating in. Recruiters are there to learn about the candidate. What their strengths are. What their skills are. And what their passions are. This helps them to match that candidate with a job that they will actually be invested in and will have less likelihood of ghosting on mid-cycle.

Recruiters understand candidate expectations

One of the most common reasons a candidate will disappear in the middle of hiring conversations is around salary or benefits’ requirements. If a candidate learns that those requirements will not be met by an employer, it is simply not worth their time to continue speaking with a hiring manager directly. A recruiter acts as a convenient middleman however and can walk the middle ground to keep a candidate interested while avoiding definitive conversations around salary and benefit expectations. If a candidate is outside of your budget range, a recruiter will know it and match you with a better candidate who would not be disinterested by an offer.

A big part of what a recruiter does is build a relationship with the candidates they serve. They are like a career matchmaker who is ideally positioned to connect the right candidate with the right job based on mutual needs and expectations. That’s good news for you because it finds you the skilled talent you need at a price you can afford. It’s good news for a candidate because they feel like they are also considered a critical part of the process.

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